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BWOA_Suzy Baker Bklt_ca1973_cropped.pdf
A zine BWOA created to explain why the organization was boycotting General Mills. It begins with Suzy as a child receiving toys that fail to ask about her race and sex all purchased from General Mills subsidiaries. The zine then continue through…

Letter to Julian Bond, 03.25.1975.pdf
Letter to Julian Bond, lawyer for Joanne Little, who was accused of murdering her assailant after a sexual assualt. Donated $250 to her defense campaign.

Copy of BWOA_Statement to Mayor Committee on Women_1973_06_06.pdf
Appeal to San Francisco describing why black women need more representation on the Mayor's Committe on the Status of Women

Copy of BWOA_Sisters Working Together Pamphlet_1977_07.pdf
Membership brochure detailing the who, where, when and why of Black Women Organized for Action, standing committees, dues information

Copy of BWOA_Sharing Power Contact Article_Fulcher Hernandez Spikes_1975.pdf
One of the most detailed statements of BWOA's organizational, structure, membership and activities. Statement detailing the mission and activities of BWOA including General MIlls boyco tt, San Francisco Symphony picket on behalf of Elayne Jones,…

Copy of BWOA_Sacramento Bee interview w A Hernandez_1974_08_13.pdf
Aileen Hernandez speaking before California's Joint Legislative Committee on Legal Equality about discrimination against a political reform initiative (Proposition 9, Creation of the Fair Political Practices Commission). Brought race and sex as…

Copy of BWOA_Gen Mills Boycott Comm_1973_07_03.pdf
Call for participation in a boycott against General Mills with signs out on cars such as, "Betty Crocker is a Dirt Old White Man." Scheduled for 07/21/1973.

Copy of BWOA_E Jones Symphony Memorandum_1974_10_04.pdf
Call for committee members to volunteer and offer financial support for Jones' legal fight against the San Francisco Symphony

Copy of BWOA_Contract W Women of USA NYT Ad_1996_09_29.pdf
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