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About the Black Feminist Organizational Archive

The Black Feminist Digital Archive offers materials related to black feminist organizations active in the U.S. from 1968 to roughly 1980.

Organizations included here are:

Black Women Organized for Action (BWOA)

Combahee River Collective

National Alliance of Black Feminists (NABF)

National Black Feminist Organization (NBFO)

Third World Women’s Alliance (TWWA)

Materials were collected from several different archival sources including:

The Lesbian Herstory Archives,

Northwestern University Special Collections,

University of Illinois at Chicago,

Midwest Women’s Historical Collections,

the Schlesinger Library, and

the Chicago Historical Society.

The Black Feminist Organizational Archive consists of archival materials donated or collected during in the course of research. Unless permission is granted to do so, no materials from the aforementioned archives are posted here. 

Kimberly Springer collected the materials as the foundations for her dissertation research from 1993 to 1998. This research provided the foundations for her book, Living for the Revolution, Black Feminist Organizations, 1968-1980 (Duke University Press, 2005). 

Special thanks to the Summer 2019 Barnard College Digital Humanities Fellowship, the collegial staff and faculty of Barnard College and my fellow stellar program participants. Much gratitude to Lindsay Wallace (Sarah Lawrence '19) for her Fall 2018 assistance in moving this project along.