BWOA Documents

BWOA, “Statement of Purpose,” from the personal papers of Aileen Hernandez

BWOA’s What It Is was a monthly newsletter distributed to all
dues-paying members of the organization, offered services such as job an-
nouncements, health information, political endorsements, and financial
A description of the “Ground Rules for Sapphire’s System for Sisters,” the general structure and rules followed by BWOA meetings. The “Ground Rules” include guidelines for: Timing; Jive Time; Facilities; Accoutrements; Motions; Seconds; Discussion of a Motion; Adjournment. Written by Jean (nee Kresy) Dillenberger

A zine BWOA created to explain why the organization was boycotting General Mills. It begins with Suzy as a child receiving toys that fail to ask about her race and sex all purchased from General Mills subsidiaries. The zine then continue through Suzy’s lifecycle as the encounters more race and sex discrimination at the hands of General Mills subsidiaries, including being rejected for a job. The zine ends with a list of General Mills companies to boycott.

BWOA’s leadership structure was a group of three members charged with steering the organization. This three-member grouping changed quarterly since one mission of the group was to give Black women experience in political organizing. Their meeting minutes reflect the broad range of activities Black women considered relevant to their lives and those of Black children, men and the wider community.
BWOA member Jean Kresy was inspired to write a poem to members who had yet to pay their membership dues.

Membership brochure detailing the who, where, when and why of Black Women Organized for Action, standing committees, dues information