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Black Feminist Digital Archives users are invited to mix and match, make connections between items in the archive. Though I wrote Living for the Revolution based on these archival documents and oral history interviews, the narrative I constructed is by no means the only story to be told here about black feminist organizing. 

As materials are added to the archive, narratives may change. Existing ways of telling this story might come into contradiction with new re-tellings or interviews. 

Please submit your own spin-offs that use these materials. With your permission, I'd like to post them as part of a collection of Black Feminist Digital Archives writings, Before #BlackGirlMagic. A Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License will be applied.

An example of the kind of writing and connections I'd like to include is a brief article titled, "Affect in Black Feminist Organizing." While I did write briefly about burnout as a theme that came up in interviews, there's so much more to explore about affect, emotions and social movement organizing. This article is but one take that illustrates drawing connections between items in the collection to explore the past, present and future of black feminist thinking and activities.