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BWOA_Suzy Baker Bklt_ca1973_cropped.pdf
A zine BWOA created to explain why the organization was boycotting General Mills. It begins with Suzy as a child receiving toys that fail to ask about her race and sex all purchased from General Mills subsidiaries. The zine then continue through…

Letter to Julian Bond, 03.25.1975.pdf
Letter to Julian Bond, lawyer for Joanne Little, who was accused of murdering her assailant after a sexual assualt. Donated $250 to her defense campaign.

Copy of BWOA_Statement to Mayor Committee on Women_1973_06_06.pdf
Appeal to San Francisco describing why black women need more representation on the Mayor's Committe on the Status of Women

Minutes from the July 11, 2973 meeting of Black Women Organized for Action, which detail the establishment and participants of letter writing projects (to The Greyhound Corporation and the Community Action Agency), a boycott action against General…
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