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Copy of BWOA_Black Women in Media_ca1975.pdf
News article about a meeting of BWOA's Black Women in Media Committee. Conversation with other women in media from other African nations.

BWOA_Sapphire Publishing Pamphlet-cropped.pdf
Pamphlet describing San Francisco-based publishing partnership that included ten women, some who were members of BWOA. The ten principles were: Jacqueline Bradford, Anne T. Chairenza, Patsy G. Fulcher, Naomi T. Gray, Aileen Hernandez, Jean Kresy,…

What It Is the newsletter of Black Women Organized for Action. This issue contains poetry, information about a slide presentation on Black Women's involvement in the pre-, post-civil war era, civil rights the Black Power Movement, anti-apartheid,…

BWOA_Statement of Purpose and Activities.pdf
Document detailing Black Women Organized for Action's mission, intended activities

BWOA_Ode To Those What Owes_1975_01.pdf
BWOA member Jean Kresy was inspired to write a poem to members who had yet to pay their membership dues.

LFTR cover.jpg
The first in-depth analysis of the black feminist movement, Living for the Revolution fills in a crucial but overlooked chapter in African American, women’s, and social movement history. Through original oral history interviews with key activists and…

aileen hernandez.mp3
Phone interview transcript with Aileen Hernandez (May 23, 1926 – February 13, 2017), a founding member of Black Women Organized for Action, conducted by Kimberly Springer on September 14, 1997. Topics covered include ideological and other disputes…

BWOA_Sapphire's Rule System_1973.pdf
A description of the "Ground Rules for Sapphire's System for Sisters," the general structure and rules followed by BWOA meetings. The "Ground Rules" include guidelines for: Timing; Jive Time; Facilities; Accoutrements; Motions; Seconds; Discussion of…

BWOA_Finance Report_1977_03_01.pdf
Report presented to Finance Committee by Treasurer, detailing the financial situation of Black Women Organized for Action as of March 1, 1977, including expenses (by Fundraising Committee; Political Action Committee; Newsletter Committee; Spec.…

Meeting minutes from the July 14, 1976 meeting of Black Women Organized for Action, consisting of summarized Committee Reports, and the agenda for the August 11, 1976 meeting.

Reports included: Fundraising Committee; Membership Committee…
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